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Yuu is a young Lyn who was trained by Hon Dougen. He joined up with an anti-Palam Empire group that seeks to mete justice against the corrupt empire. He was once from a neutral village that allied itself to neither the Palam Empire nor the Kulum Empire.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Yuu finds out that the guerrilla that he joined up with had amassed a lot of people to initiate a battle against Palam forces. The Lyn is unsure of this militaristic action and he is told that maintaining a neutral stance will not protect him from war.

One night, he finds out that his colleague has been in league with an oriental faction of the Palam Empire, completely contradicting the declaration that the guerrilla was backed by the Kulum Empire. Yuu confronts the soldier, who affirms that as long as they are able to bring down the Palam Empire, the ends will justify the means. Yuu is troubled by this development and goes to the Flower Monks camp to ask them to retreat in order to prevent bloodshed on both sides. He was unable to convince them to do so and inadvertently put the lives of everyone in the guerrilla and himself in danger. The encounter ends up getting him afflicted with Impurity.

After the battle, Yuu returns to the guerrilla's homebase to find it completely in shambles and everyone killed. He is horrified by what happened and weeps over his failure to prevent it. He later finds out about Alka and seeks her out in a desert town where he collapses. He is carried to the new homebase of the Pleasure Gang where he reveals himself as a disciple of Master Hon. He wished to know what happened to his master in order to heal the Impurity from his body before it was too late. Alka responds that his master was killed and she was taking revenge in accordance to her clan's Code. This infuriates Yuu, who demands to know if she would even bother to avenge Master Hon if she did not have the Code to abide by.

Later that night, Alka goes to talk to him about Master Hon. Yuu tries to suppress the Impurity from taking over as they converse. Suddenly Alka declares that Jin Varrel had found them and goes to face her. Yuu jumps into the battle and forms a tag team with the Assassin. During the fight, Jin Varrel sneaks up behind Yuu and strikes him down with an Impurity attack, causing Alka to scream out in pain. After Alka manages to kill Jin Varrel, Yuu asks her to kill him as he did not want to die from the Impurity. He only wishes that he could have taught her more, which causes her to hesitate. Yuu ends up dying from his injuries.

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