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Yigan is a member of the Bamboo Guard stationed at Foshi Pyres. He despises Um Soji and does not like being near dead bodies, much less handle them.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Yigan was at Foshi Pyres expecting to see Dodan when he was approached by a Hongmoon student bearing a message. Yigan is surprised and wonders where Dodan could have gone. Despite that, he decides to work with the student and tells the martial artist about the current situation. He goes on to relay how he was recently assaulted and had gunpowder stolen from him while he was knocked out. All he could remember was Um Soji running away while cackling. When he asked the gravekeeper who it was that knocked him out, Um Soji refused to tell him unless he helps him cremate some corpses. Yigan refused and used his excuse of a headache from the attack to refrain from doing Um Soji's task.

The Hongmoon student agrees to talk to Um Soji for Yigan and heads off.

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