At least those guys are good for something.


Wungsam is a lieutenant of the Blackram Marauders and brother of Captain Gwon (unsure if by blood or by camaraderie). He is intimidating and boistrous but has a weakness for food, stuffing himself silly whenever he gets the chance.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After Gwon's defeat at the Bamboo Village raid, Wungsam began ordering gunpowder from their enemy organization, the Dusk Adders. This caused the two bandit groups to form a truce for the sake of business. He later plotted the capture of the Bamboo Guard's explosives expert Ha Jungwang and coerced the man to make bombs for the Blackrams. He kept Ha Jungwang and the other guards he captured locked up near his cave and always kept the keys on him.

Things were going smoothly until one night after Wungsam dismissed his men, he started chowing down on a feast arranged for him. As he ate, he suddenly felt very sleepy and knocked out right on the floor. When he awoke the next morning, he discovered that someone had swiped the prison keys and the whole South Anchor was in chaos. He angrily rushes out to empty prison cells and the Blackram camp on fire. He eventually stumbles upon the people responsible: Ha Jungwang and a Hongmoon student. The Hongmoon student meets him head-on and manages to hold Wungsam back long enough until reinforcements from the Bamboo Guard arrive. Now outnumbered and overwhelmed, Wungsam and his remaining men retreat from the harbor.

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