PvP in Blade & Soul is based on an optional flagging system. Early on the story, players will be able to chose between the player factions Crimson Legion or the Cerulean Order. However, there are also NPC factions in the game with their own specific faction costume that also opens up PvP.


Players who wish to actively engage in player battles need to equip special PvP costumes. They then can duel with the opponents who wear the opposite faction's costume directly and freely. No one can fight against those who do not wear any costume.

In the game, the players who don’t wear costumes or wear the same type costume will have white names attached over their heads. Red names indicate attackable players. Swapping out gear while in combat is not allowed, and changing from a faction dobok to a neutral dobok takes about 5 seconds. Players will be able to attack other players with red names anywhere in the world.

Putting on a faction costume also unlocks daily factions quests and faction-specific ports.[1]


Once the opponent within a valid level range is successfully taken down, the player is rewarded with a temporary currency known as Prestige Points, which accumulates with every kill. These points can be stolen from other players if the player falls to their blade. These points are reset when you are defeated, remove faction costume, change channel, taking a Windstride, leave the zone, or log out of the game.

Prestige Points can be traded in for reputation within your faction. All players start at Faction Rank 10, and through acquiring reputation, will progress all the way up to Rank 1. The maximum amount of Prestige Points that can be collected increases as Faction Rank increases. Players can swap factions at any point, but will lose all accumulated reputation and will have to start over from Faction Rank 10 if they ever decide to swap back.[2]


The locations where the Warring Factions are fighting over resources are noted on the map by the red and blue tents. These camps also have PVP quests, vendors, and non-player factions members to battle.[3]



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