Harnessing dark magics, the Warlock is a medium-ranged caster that relies on empowered Talismans—floating supernatural writings that can be consumed or unleashed to great effect—to protect or attack. Through their Talismans, they primarily focus on summoning visceral and nefarious restraints and weapons, like spikes and chains.

While the Warlock can be considered a glass cannon, they have a number of ways to keep their enemies at bay, not the least of which is their ability to summon a giant demonic Thrall to finish off their enemies. By keeping enemies at a distance, marking them with limited-time debuffs, and mastering their lengthy ability cooldowns, a Warlock can be a difficult—but rewarding—martial art to master.

Their flamboyant attitude is matched only by their deadly cunning, but catch a Warlock off guard and their cocky expression could be wiped from their face; just keep an eye out for the giant demon.

One of the top 3 strongest classes in arena. Has high burst damage and can nuke people in their aerials. Has low mobility but has cooldown resets from Soulburn or Time Distortion.

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Warlock is an offensive support class that's taken 100% of the time solely for Soul-burn. There is only 2 types : Shadow build or Ice build. Most of Warlock will use shadow build in PVP and ice build in PvE (some still use shadow in PvE but the output damage will be lower at the end if they have the same gear)


Ice build

Shadow Build

PvE :

There is no specific pve for everybody, it really depends on your style, cc and situation.

Warlock is a class that really need Hong-moon skills so try to get all the book if you can.

Ice build

Shadow Build


PvP also depend on the situation and your enemies, this is only an opinion.

Warlock VS Assassin

Warlock VS Kung Fu Master

Warlock VS Blade Master

Warlock VS Summoner

Warlock VS Destroyer

Warlock VS Blade Dancer

Warlock VS Force Master

Warlock VS Warlock

Warlock VS Soul Fighter

Races and Classes
Races JinGonLynYun
Classes Blade MasterDestroyerSummonerForce Master
Kung Fu MasterAssassinBlade DancerWarlockSoul Fighter

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