I have recently adopted the blade and soul wiki and want to make it a useful place for information for Blade and Soul. A lot of the stuff that existed on this wiki is for very early game content like VIridian coast. That kind of information is great to have a completed wiki, but the focus needs to be on stuff people will use more often. I am focusing on end game equipment, dungeons, and areas.

This is a very big task and I will need help. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. If the community grows and we have active editors we can start delegating some admin ranks to people interested in keeping the wiki alive and well. Almost every page is either incomplete or out of date. Any edit done, even one single edit is incredibly valuable.

Some things to keep in mind while editing.

Add what you know to pages. If you don't know everything about a topic that is ok. A wiki is meant to be a group project. The things you don't fill in will hopefully be filled in by someone else.

Try and keep opinions off of pages. You may think it is insanity for an Assassin to get a Seraph dagger, but this is just a place for facts. You can do studies and add evidence of what is better for each class but any direct opinions belong on the forums, not articles.

Ask you friends to help out! As I said before any edit is helpful. If all they do is fix a typo, they have still helped.

Have fun. The wiki is a group project of information sharing. Enjoy your time with it!



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