I prefer cremation, it's so much cleaner.

–Um Soji

Um Soji is the gravekeeper at Foshi Pyres. He is a morbid man who delights in seeing others cringe at his occupation.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Um Soji was working at the Foshi Pyres when he witnessed Bamboo Guard Yigan get assaulted and robbed. He ran away cackling at how the huge Gon managed to get blindsided so easily. When Yigan demands to know who it was that attacked him, Um Soji made him a deal to help cremate some corpses in exchange for information. As he expected, Yigan refused the deal and so couldn't get the information.

He is later visited by a Hongmoon student sent on Yigan's behalf. Um Soji is amused and goes along with it, telling the student to help him burn the corpses of the nearby jiangshis. Um Soji is impressed that the Hongmoon student was able to complete the task and compliments him/her as a "professional." He then reveals that the people who attacked the Bamboo Guard were Dusk Adders.

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