The Treasure Trove is a seasonal event that happens in Blade and Soul. Players can buy Trove Keys with NCoins or Hongmoon Coins, then use them to open up treasure boxes. These boxes contain random rewards that are generally valuable or useful for upgrades. You also get one free key per day per character. Characters must be at least level 36 to participate.

The Treasure Trove happens 4 times a year, at the end of each season. They usually run for 3 weeks at a time, ending just before the new seasons starts. NCSoft generally doesn't like to inform players ahead of time that trove is coming, but it can pretty much be figured out because it follows this same pattern.

Trove Winter 2017

An example of a trove window from Winter 2017.

To open a trove chest, there is a Trove icon in the bottom right of the screen. When you click it you will get an interface with an open button, and loot slots. The interface has 8 slots, but by default only 2 of them are unlocked. To expand them you must purchase expansion tickets from the shop. It costs 1 ticket per expansion.When you click the Open Today's Trove button at the top it will roll the loot table and give you some options. You can choose to purchase one of the items with in-game money. Every player gets one free open per character per day. To continue unlocking boxes you must then use keys you have purchased for each open.

The loot from treasure trove is usually a lot of upgrade materials that is current to the end game progression. Meaning the loot changes each time. However, some of the loot is consistent over time. Here are some of the consistent items you can obtain.

Loot Specifics Edit

Each trove has unique loot. Here is a list of pages for each trove and its loot.

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