The Four Guardians are four powerful martial artists with power bestowed upon them by the Divine Realm to fight against the Dark Chi brought into the world by the Naryu Empire. With the help of Twilight's Edge, they strive to prevent the spread of Dark Chi on the Earthen Realm.



When the incessant mining of Soulstones by the Naryu Empire created a bridge between the Earthen Realm and Dark Realm, mortals were unable to resist the power of the Dark Chi. However, the beings of the Divine Realm were watching and were not content to watch the mortals suffer at the hands of the demons. They bestowed insurmountable power to four martial artists: Mushin, the Divine Fist; Jiwan, the Righteous Blade; Iksanun, the Realmwalker; and Hong Sokgyun, the Earthbreaker. In addition, they were given a sword called Twilight's Edge with the power that could drive back the darkness.

In the ensuing battle, the demons attempted to summon their master, the Dark Lord, through a Dark Gate so that his power could overwhelm the world. Mushin, in a moment of desperation, sacrificed his life and leapt into the Dark Gate in order to seal it from within. Even though the other Guardians were able to defeat the remaining demons in the resulting battle, it was too late. The Dark Chi had infested the world and could only be held at bay and not stopped completely.

Years later, during the rule of the Stratus Empire, Dark Chi began to grow in power once again as the empire fell into unrest as the fight over the throne raged. 30 years ago, the demons gained enough strength to invade the capital city of the Eastern Continent, Highland Central, and murdered Prince Sobu and Princess Solaan. The remaining Guardians rose again, and with the help of the Sacred Beasts, they were able to seal away the dark forces once more. 

In recent years, the Guardians have disappeared - Jiwan had been slain by Jinsoyun, Hong Sokgyun had struck down Jinsoyun, and Iksanun was badly wounded in battle and retreated from the world.[1]



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