Stubs are a wiki article that has insufficient information. They are generally one paragraph or less

which give little or no information. This doesn't mean that the article shouldn't exist, just that it needs information.

Information Edit

When creating or editing a stub, its goal is to become a full, informative article. Some articles may not require much information but there is usually extra information that can be added.

Don't assume someone else will jump on an article that is a stub. The best way to fix a stub is to edit it yourself with new information. Any edits will show up on recent changes page where many people will jump on board and help.

Marking a stub Edit

When you create or find a small article, add the {{stub}} template. When you do this the article will include this information:

This article is a stub.
A stub is an article which does not cover all information available about the topic. You can help by expanding it.

Editing a stub Edit

Follow all of the standard guidelines for editing a stub. Add information related to the page, and try to avoid adding a lot of filler information. Finally, when you feel the article is no longer a stub remove the {{stub}} tag from the page.

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