A soul shield is an eight piece octagonal portrait that provides the player with a statistical advantage upon assembly.

Soul Shield PiecesEdit

Each soul shield piece has its own independent values. Pieces come with one HP bonus, and a varying number of randomized statistics. Each piece assigned to one of the player's soul shield slots will have its bonuses stack with all other equipped soul shield pieces, regardless of set. You must wear a costume for the soul shield's stats to take effect.

Soul Shield 8
☰ 8
Soul Shield 1
☵ 1
Soul Shield 2
☳ 2
Soul Shield 7
☴ 7
Soul Shield 3
☶ 3
Soul Shield 6
☷ 6
Soul Shield 5
☲ 5
Soul Shield 4
☱ 4

Soul Shield SetsEdit

Each soul shield set, or set of eight piece of the same set, have intrinsic bonuses upon gathering three, five, and eight pieces of the soul shield. It is possible, however, to assemble parts of various sets and receive set bonuses. For example, 3 items of set A and 3 items of set B will yield both "3 of a set" set bonuses consecutively.

Soul Shield FusionEdit

Soul shield pieces can be fused with other soul shield pieces as long as they are in the same level range. Additionally, you cannot fuse a soul shield piece of a certain set with one of the same set.

In order to fuse two pieces together, you need Fusion Powder. The powder has a chance to drop while salvaging soul shield pieces of any level.

When fusing, the fusion target will either get a specific value boost, "+4", or will get a range of values such as "+4~7". If it is a range, a random value within the range will be the resulting value boost to the target soul shield piece.

There can only be one fusion done on any soul shield piece. Any further fusion overwrite the previous fusion, resetting the soul shield piece values to default and applying only the value boosts of the new fusion.

Fused soul shield pieces will have a sheen and indicate the boost by coloring the new statistic in green on the item window.

List of Soul ShieldsEdit

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There are several ways to obtain soul shield pieces in the entire game.

  1. Drop from monsters or enemies.
  2. Win through Wheel of Fortune/Fate by obtaining the Field Boss' Essence and will obtain in bundle of 3,5 or 8 which will gives you random pieces of the soul shield
  3. Drop from dungeon bosses.
  4. Certain soul shield can be purchased through the Marketplace. Usually are normal and refined soul shields.
  5. Quest rewards.
  6. Exchangeable with Valor Stone Traders
  7. Contract with the Soul Warden for craftable soul shields.


There are achievements upon collecting soul shields. Player can earn titles and achievement points in the game.


  • Soul Shields are based off of the bagua's trigram figures.