Skybreak Spire is a 24 man raid where players work together to take down the Raven King. It is located at the north end of Khanda Vihar. Conquering this dungeon will award players with materials to get the Raven Weapon, High-level Elemental Rings and Earrings, as well as end game Soul Shields.

Venom Skydrake Edit

The first and easiest boss of the Skybreak Spire Raid.

Throughout the fight everyone in the party will gain poison stacks doing DoT. To counter this, the party needs to get the buff from the mites. Two mites will spawn on the map. The smaller purple one at 8 o'clock should only be hit by the tank. The second at 2 o'clock should be hit by the buff transporter. After the buffs transporter collects the buffs he will run to the preset destination (normally the back left leg of the boss) to drop the buffs exactly 5 seconds later. This buff will prevent the party from taking poison damage. If someone isn't poisoned and the receive the buff the character will instantly die.
Skybreak Spire Boss 1 Party Locations

Common Party locations for Venom Skydrake.

At 90%, 60%, and 30% the boss will spawn adds that must be CC'ed similar to Dawn of Khana Vihar. Typically a stun is used for these adds. The parties need to organize where each person will go in order to stun all the adds. At 90% the boss starts with 4 adds at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o clock. At 60% there are 5 adds at 1, 5, 6, 7, and 11 o clock. At 30% there are 6 adds at 12, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 11 o clock. Referring to the image on the right, typically groups will split by party for phase 1, then assign 2 people for each of the new adds that spawn for phase 2 and 3. The adds only have 4 cc bars, so they can be dealt with by 2 people fairly easily.

Bak Taisun Edit

General Moyun and General Shuna Edit

Raven King Edit

Rewards Edit

Boss Reward Weekly Quest
Venom Skydrake Igneous EarringSupernova Earring

Dragonstorm Ring

Phantasm Ring

Soulshield 1-2

Elysian Crystal

Boss 2 required
Bak Taisun Seismic EarringPhantasm Earring

Ignitor Ring

Frostfall Ring

Soulshield 3-4

Elysian Crystal

Raven Masks

General Moyun and Shuna Permafrost EarringDragonsong Earring

Tremor Ring

Lodestar Ring

Soulshield 5-6

Elysian Crystal

Gold Standard

1 Raven Material

Raven King's Souls

The Raven King Soulshield 7-8

2 Raven Materials

Sealed Raven King's Souls


Ravenfall Mask

Dark Path

Nightmare Hair

Broken Wing