The Raven Weapon line is currently the strongest weapon line in the game after aransu obtained by using upgrade materials from the 12 man raid Skybreak Spire. Due to the difficulty of the raid, NCsoft added the PvE weapon lines Riftwalker and Dawnforged Weapon lines, but the Raven Weapon is still considered to be the superior weapon at at that time. Raven can be upgraded to Aransu using the Hive Queen Materials from the Temple of Eluvium.

Upgrade Materials Edit

The Raven Weapon upgrade materials can be obtained from the Third boss, General Moyun and Shuna, as well as the last boss, The Raven King, of Skybreak Spire. The Generals only drop 1 upgrade material and the Raven King drops 2. The drops are random so there's no guarantee that an specific material will drop in any given week. In order to upgrade from the Baleful or Seraph Weapon lines, 10 Empyrean Spirit Charms obtained from a craft from a Level 4 Earthseer craft. It is highly suggested to upgrade a Baleful or Seraph weapon to Raven from stage 12, as it will save the player a lot of money in materials as well as saving up to 9 Raven King Soul's.

Stats Edit

The base stats on the Raven Weapons like all other weapon lines remain constant across the different weapons, but each class receives it's own specific buffs. The weapon has the chance to proc the Raven effect which resets skill CDs after 5 stacks.

AP Crit Pierce Crit Rate Crit Dmg
Stage 1 441 348 148 +14% +20%
Stage 2 449 354 152 +14% +20%
Stage 3 458 360 154 +14% +21%
Stage 4 466 368 156 +14% +21%
Stage 5 474 374 160 +14% +21%
Stage 6 483 380 162 +14% +22%
Stage 7 491 388 166 +14% +22%
Stage 8 500 194 168 +14% +22%
Stage 9 508 400 170 +14% +23%

Weapons Edit

Raven Bangle

Raven Sword

Raven Staff

Raven Dagger

Raven Axe

Raven Gauntlet

Raven Lynblade

Raven Razor

Raven Bracer