PvP stands for Player vs Player. Anytime a player is fighting another player it is PvP. In Blade and Soul, there are several different types of PvP, such as Arena PvP, 6v6, or open world PvP.

Arena PvP is an equalized style of PvP available in 1 on 1, or as 3 on 3. 6v6 PvP is a non-equalized type of PvP where 6 players must fight the opposing team and hold capture points. Open World PvP can be done anywhere but is usually done as Faction PvP.

For open world PvP, players can fight any other players when they wear the appropriate outfit to make them "enemies". These are the matching pairs of faction-related outfits. A match means they can fight one another.

Cerulean Order VS Crimson Legion

Bamboo Guard VS Blackram

Skyhaven vs Talus Dominion

Stratus vs. Tyrian Cult

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