Pets are best described as a piece of equipment. They give HP, Defense, Recovery, and even Critical Defense. The equipment portion of Pets is the Pet Aura. The aura is separate from the pet itself and it's the part of the pet that contains the stats. A player can use several pet skins and apply them on the Pet Aura for aesthetics. Some pets are exclusive while other can be found at any time.

How to Obtain Edit

Pet Skin can be obtained through one of two ways. The first is an RNG pouch called Pet Pouches available in the Hongmoon Store. The second is as a rare drop from a boss. All pet skins are tradeable until equipped and can be sold on the market. The Pet Aura can be obtained though completing the Act 7 storyline.

How to Level Up Edit

Pets have multiple stages like weapons and their stats increase as their stage increases. To upgrade a pet, Pet Enhancement Stones, are used. These can be obtained by transmuting a Pet Skin, or a set of materials using the transmute menu. As the pet levels up. The number of stones required to upgrade it will increase.

To upgrade the pet's appearance, a player can use a 2nd of the same pet. When a pet obtains its Ultimate skin, the pet's appearance will change. The appearance of a pet has no bearing on the stats from the Aura.

Pet Skins Edit












Tae Jangum

Grand Phoenix



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