Opportunity Knocks is a continuous quest from Opportunity of a Lifetime in Jadestone Village.


Speak to Hong Yunlang to start the quest.Edit

Usually it will automatically trigger the conversation after completing the Opportunity of a Lifetime quest.

Hong Yunlang: "Here you are, your very own uniform. You, my friend, are going to look murderous in this outfit. Perfectly murderous. Now show me your competitive spirit and beat some sense into this Bamboo fool."

Equip the Blackram UniformEdit

The uniform is the reward from the previous quest. Equip it and the captured Bamboo Guard will turn into an enemy.

Defeat Captured Guard Ki LaoEdit

Attack the Bamboo Guard member standing beside Hong Yunlang.

Talk to Hong Yunlang in Jadestone VillageEdit

After defeating the Bamboo Guard member, talk to Hong Yunlang to end the quest.

Hong Yunlang: "Congratulations, you're in! You meet every requirement and your enthusiasm is top notch! I declare you an honorary Blackram recruit! Remember, while you certainly look amazing in that uniform, you should avoid wearing it around any Bamboo Guard. They'll kill you on sight and dead recruits are not good to us."

Note: Other Bamboo Guard member (NPC) will keep attacking you as long as you're equipping the Blackram UniformEdit