Naryu Sanctum is a dungeon released with the Celestial Basin. The dungeon consists of 3 bosses and has both a Normal and Hard mode.

Boss 1:

HP Thresholds NM:

HP Thresholds HM:

Boss 2: Agoni

Boss 3: Xanos


2 swipes(knockdown) → cross(knockdown) → donut(inside/outside/inside) → light beam(knockback) → daze attack

*if the tank is knocked back by the light beam after donut, the attack pattern resets

Marking Mechanic:

At the HP thresholds Xanos will jump to the middle of the screen. A circle of light will appear around him and all characters that are not the tank or the far mark should distance themselves from the boss about 5-7m. The far mark should be standing outside the circle of light using a resist skill and needs to look around the room at the red lights. The red light will point to the player who has the mark and the far mark needs to communicate if he or she has the mark or the tank. Once the mark has been identified, everyone who is not the mark should move to the golden circle. Once everybody is inside the golden circle the mark can step inside the black circle. After this is completed stun xanos and Iframe the following AoE.

HP Thresholds NM: 70%, 30%

HP Thresholds HM: 76%, 51%, 26%, 15% (may be delayed to 9%)


Draken Bracelet

Xanos Disc

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