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Namsoyoo is the adopted daughter of Dochun and therefore adopted sister of Dodan. She is well-loved in Bamboo Village, especially by the men. She cares very much for her adopted father and brother and worries about them every time they go on duty.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Dochun, who was the Stratus Empire's captain of the guard, came home late one night holding a bundle tightly to his chest; a little girl's face that was white as snow. When Dodan asked his father what the infant's name was, Dochun hesitated, grimacing, and then finally said, "Namsoyoo. It's Namsoyoo." And from that day on, no matter where they went or which village they stopped in, Dodan and Namsoyoo were inseparable.[1] Namsoyoo used to call him "Father", but Dochun wouldn't allow it; eventually, "Papa" or "Uncle" became acceptable nicknames. Regardless of the titles, Dochun raised Namsoyoo with all the love of a father. As time went on and Namsoyoo became a young woman, she never felt like a part of the village.[2]

Namsoyoo was in the Healing House watching over the Hongmoon student that her father rescued when the student awakens. She tells the student that he/she has been unconscious for so long and wonders if he/she is able to get up. The Hongmoon student exceeds her expectations by not only getting up out of bed, but also volunteering to help fight the invading Blackram Marauders. Namsoyoo asks the student if he/she is sure about that and allows him/her to assist her father. She remains in the Healing House for the duration of the raid.

The next day, Namsoyoo meets the Hongmoon student at her home in Bamboo Village and offers the student a Soul Shield piece that was left from the remaining village supplies as thanks. She teaches the Hongmoon student about soul shields and wishes him/her luck on his/her journey.

Some time later, Namsoyoo makes her way to the Bamboo Guard post in Everdusk to confront her brother Dodan about skirting the task given to him by their father. The two of them end up encountering the Hongmoon student there and Namsoyoo could only watch in surprise as Dodan passes his responsibility over to the student. Before she could say anything, her brother disappears from the shack. Namsoyoo apologizes to the Hongmoon student for Dodan's behavior and explains that she doesn't understand why her brother decided to abandon the task he was given when he had been complaining to their father about not being given enough responsibilities.


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