Mushin's Tower contains 4 challenging solo dungeons for Players to attempt. As a Player's equipment progresses, they will find the previous floors to become easier and the higher floors to become more manageable. The tower is known for having challenging bosses that require a large amount of skill and practice to defeat. The Tower of Infinity is also located here.

Floors 1-8 Edit

These are the lowest and easiest floors in the Tower. Upon the original release Junghado was the final boss on floor 7. Later Floor 8 was released where a player can fight Mushin's Shadows. These floors were later nerfed and anyone who completes the story will easily be equipped well enough to challenge and defeat them with relative ease. It is suggested that new players conquer these floors to help hone their skills.

Warrior Token Vendor

Item Cost

Floors 9-15 Edit

These floors preset a greater challenge than the previous floors and as a result better equipment is required. The final boss Naksun awaits players on Floor 15 and will present a challenge to newer players as well as those not overgeared for this fight. Naksun is guaranteed to drop at least 1 Moonstone Crystal.

Naksun Token Vendor

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