You and I are one and the same; we both lost our masters, we were both betrayed.


Moyong Jung is a member of the Gravewatchers who is investigating the jiangshis that have popped up around the Moonshade Cemetary.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Nekuro and Moyong Jung were clan mates who studied incantations under Master Jumon Ongsin. Nekuro and Moyong Jung were friends until Nekuro stole arcane manuscripts from their master and killed him in his sleep. In revenge, Moyong Jung joined the Gravewatchers to track down Nekuro. He was found after 2 decades of searching with the help of the Bamboo Guard. Nekuro was executed for his crimes and his corpse was buried. A year later, his incantations appeared on jiangshi in the Moonshade Cemetary and more arcane texts were stolen.

With the help of a Hongmoon student, Nekuro was killed at the Defiled Tomb where he was experimenting with necromancy. Moyong Jung thanks the student and goes to the tomb in order to find Nekuro's body, but it was nowhere to be found. He begins tracking down Nekuro and ends up at Jadestone Village where he discovered an undead invasion. After some more investigating, Moyong Jung eventually finds Nekuro at the Plague Hollow nearby and puts an end to the necromancer once and for all.

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