Mighty Mite is a dynamic quest in the instance Plague Hollow that located in Jadestone Village.


Defeat the Giant Plague MiteEdit

Dynamicquest mighty mitey pic001


Usually it will drop Healing Tonics and Dumplings and sometimes will drop crafting recipes.


  • Giant Plague Might's Treasure

Pokey's Treasure will gives you Locked Plague Weapon Chest and others such as Locked Viridian Weapon Chest, Sealed Plague Necklace, Sealed Viridian Earring, Sealed Viridian Necklace, Sealed Viridian Ring and Viridian Valor Stone depending on the drop rate percentage.

End QuestEdit

All dynamic quest will be automatically canceled if player leaves the instance even before claiming the quest reward.
End Quest:-

Letter from Bak Gaha:
"With the Giant Plague Mite gone, hopefully we can purify the area and stop the Mites from returning. Thank you for your help."

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