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Lusung is a senior student of the Hongmoon School of martial arts. He is usually accompanied by an unnamed pet hawk. Captain Dochun of the Bamboo Guard has met him at least once, suggesting that Lusung has been with the school for a very long time. It took Lusung six years to become a formal pupil of the school.[1]


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Lusung woke up one morning to release his hawk at an outcrop close to the school's dormitory. As he watches his hawk fly, he notices dark clouds rolling in and comments on their appearance. Just then he is interrupted by his fellow student Jinyung and the new student nicknamed Cricket. Jinyung tells him that she had come to let him know that Master Hong Sokgyun has summoned everyone and Lusung acknowledges the message. Suddenly Jinyung notices a woman in white floating in the sky and points to her, but when Cricket and Lusung turn to look, the woman has disappeared. Lusung jests that Jinyung could be just as sleepy as Cricket and Jinyung scratches her head in confusion.

The three of them then head over near Master Hong's quarters to meet up with the rest of their fellow students and then are dismissed to practice their training. They later hear that the new student has been officially accepted into the school and congratulates him/her. After Cricket goes to the Proving Grounds, Lusung volunteers to be the "Masked Assassin" for the Hongmoon rite of passage for newly accepted students.[2] There, he teaches Cricket about recovery methods after being defeated in battle and comments on how the new pupil is "the chosen one." He then leaves the cave so Cricket could continue training.

When night fell upon the school, Jinsoyun and her cohorts attacked the students with the aid of shaodowy fiends. Lusung and Hajoon try to fight off the fiends while Cricket goes to aid the other students. After Hajoon gets knocked off of Heaven's Reach by the fiends, Lusung goes to the school courtyard to find that Jinyung, Gilhong, and Yungmuk had all been killed by Yura and Gubong. He looks up to see Cricket assisting Master Hong and goes to join up with Jinsoyun, revealing his true intentions. Master Hong and Cricket are shocked as Lusung explains that he had plotted to gain access to the Hongmoon School secret techniques and added poison to Master Hong's daily medicine to weaken the old Lyn. Master Hong is enraged by the betrayal and unleashes his true power, sending Lusung flying back into a wall and knocking him out. It is unknown what became of Lusung after Master Hong was killed and Cricket fell into the sea.


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