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Lon is a wandering merchant who sells merchandise as well as information to the right customer. He is somewhat of a running gag for the anime, appearing or mentioned in the most coincidental of situations.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Lon encounters Alka while riding his camel and offers a pink garment to protect her bare shoulders from the sun as well as cover up the butterfly tattoo on her arm. He then asks for payment, to which Alka says she has no money at all. Despite that, Lon allows her to keep the garment and directs her to a city surrounded by windmills in order to find work.

He later sells information about Alka to the Param Empire and then the Pleasure Gang. It is later revealed that he frequently stops by the Boat of Cleansing to sell his wares. After saving Alka from a sacrificial ritual at the Boat, Lon asks for payment for his services and is rewarded by the Assassin with a single silver. He reluctantly accepts the meager payment and escorts her and Karen to a desert town. There they come across Yuu and Lon leads the three of them to the Pleasure Gang's new homebase to seek help for Yuu. There Lon reveals that Loana paid him to lead them there and asks for his payment, to which he received none.

Eventually Lon is robbed of all his things and ends up poor and desolate. While begging for money, he is visited by Alka who at last pays him back for the garment with a gold coin. Curious, he asks her what she is doing now and Alka responds that she is finally living.

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