What am I, your mother?


Jinyung is a kung fu student of the Hongmoon School of martial arts. She looks out for her fellow students like a big sister and can be impatient.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Jinyung is first seen waking up the school's newest pupil nicknamed Cricket. She hurries the student to dress and get ready to meet Master Hong Sokgyun and their senior Brother Yungmuk. She then tells Cricket to go wake up Gilhong, who was also still sleeping.

Once everyone was awake, Jinyung leads Cricket to Yungmuk, who tells them to seek out Lusung. They find Lusung at the top of an outcrop and the three of them glide down to meet with Master Hong. Master Hong then dismisses them to their training while he requests an audience with Cricket.

Later during training, Yungmuk announces that Cricket has been officially been accepted as a student into the school, to which Jinyung and the others congratulate their new peer. They then return to their training while Yungmuk introduces Cricket to the basics.

When the day turned to night, the Hongmoon School became accosted by strange shadow creatures. Jinyung was attacked by Yura and was subsequently killed by her.

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