The Hongmoon School is a martial arts school founded by Master Hong Sokgyun, where students of various disciplines and races learn martial arts under his guidance. As it is a school, it lacks any of the amenities of a town and cannot be entered or exited by regular means.


The Hongmoon School is built upon the biggest island of Heaven's Reach. Trees and small streams are scattered throughout the school, creating an isolated environment suitable for martial arts training.

The students stay at the student dormitories, a separate residence from that of Master Hong. The player, too, stays in a dormitory separate to that of the rest of the students. The two living areas, the Master's Quarters and the Dormitory both have their own dedicated outhouses.

In the North is the Overlook, a rocky outcrop that serves as a place of meditation.

South of the dormitories is the Proving Grounds, a deep cave that serves as part of an initiation ritual for newly accepted students.

The school also has a sparring area to the West, named the Duel Hall. It is lined with training dummies and is the area in which new students receive their inaugural training to learn how to their weapon and abilities.

School CultureEdit

Hongmoon students refer to each other by name or by "brother" or "sister" regardless of familial relation. Additionally, all Hongmoon students' names are proceeded by the phrase "Hongmoon Brother" or "Hongmoon Sister" depending on their gender. The player, though, is always referred to as "Cricket" in the Hongmoon school and is not bound by this rule because he/she is not a formal student yet.

In order to become a formal student of the school, candidates must work to earn their place by doing chores such as washing dishes and fetching firewood. Such a period of probation can last years and varies with each candidate. As such, those who manage to become students in less time are envied by their peers. Upon acceptance, the new student is given an inaugural training session and welcomed as a new member of the Hongmoon clan.[1]

After the inaugural training, the new student must face the Masked Assassin in the Proving Grounds as per Hongmoon tradition. Current students volunteer to play the part of the Masked Assassin, though it is usually the more senior disciples.[2]

The greatest honor is the reception of the Martial Tome, a book of Hongmoon martial arts techniques that was only given to exceptional students. Many never receive the book and for others it took at least five years of hard work to earn it.


There are a total of 5 students studying at the Hongmoon School, including the player who is nicknamed "Cricket" by the student body. It is said that no new applicants came after Cricket.


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