Sorry for making a scene. Don't mind me.

–Gwak Chil

Gwak Chil is a member of the Bamboo Guard who was seriously incapacitated in a recent Blackram raid upon the Bamboo Village. He is a persistent guard with a vendetta against the Blackrams after they killed his sister. According to Gwak Jun, he has no family left.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

While fighting the Blackram Marauders on the coast near Bamboo Village, Gwak Chil succumbed to his wounds and fell unconscious from the loss of blood. He was rescued by the Hongmoon student that Dochun saved and carried to the village healer in the heat of battle.

The next day, Gwak Chil was in critical condition and groaned in pain after he was treated by Gwak Jun. He was told who his savior was and wanted to meet him/her. The Hongmoon student eventually made his/her way to the Healing House where Gwak Chil was and the man was very eager to meet his savior. He tells the student to not worry about him and speaks modestly about his injuries. After some time, the Hongmoon student left and Gwak Chil had nothing else to do but recover.

Some time later, Gwak Chil healed enough to be able to walk on his own, but he was still not fully recovered. He ends up being stationed at the Bamboo Guard post in Everdusk where he encounters the Hongmoon student again. The student gives him some medicine for him to drink, to which he laments that everyone needed to stop worrying about him. However, he admits that he doesn't feel so good and so agrees to ingest the medicine. After doing so, Gwak Chil declares that the felt much better and thanks the Hongmoon student.

Gwak Chil was later captured along with other Bamboo Guards and were imprisoned by Wungsam at the Blackram South Anchor port. He and everyone else were eventually rescued by the Hongmoon student.


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