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Gon are a symbol of strength. They are available for the Destroyer , Soul Fighter, Kung Fu Master and Force Master classes. 

Known as descendants of an ancient dragon, the Gon possess fierce impression and bodies. Because of their destructive disposition, they are feared by others, but represent the spirit of the earth and prove to be trustworthy and reliable companions.

The Gon are a symbol of strength. They are physically tougher and larger than humans and specialize in hand-to-hand combat. They represent the spirit of the earth and prove to be the most trustworthy and reliable of all the races. However, their stubborn and upright nature can be easily manipulated by evil forces.

The Gon use unique glove-like weapons and have a race-specific skill which they use to grow horns on their back. Gon can choose either the disciplined path of a Kung Fu Master, or embrace their ancestry and become a Destroyer.

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