I almost had you the other day.


Gilhong is a student of the Hongmoon School who shares a dormitory house with Brother Hajoon.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Gilhong was sleeping soundly in his room when he was awakened by the newest pupil, nicknamed Cricket. He wakes up along with Hajoon and talks to Cricket about a sparring session they had the other day. He then notices Jinyung and tells Cricket to go talk to her.

Gilhong and Hajoon head over to meet with Master Hong Sokgyun and Yungmuk and were then dismissed to continue their training. The new pupil Cricket was later made an official student of the Hongmoon school and Gilhong congratulates the student alongside his brethren.

As night fell, the school became under attack from Jinsoyun and her lackeys. Gilhong was killed by an arrow to the back during the ensuing battle.

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