Finding Meat Samples is one of the side quests found in Jadestone Village. This quest is a tutorial for gathering meat samples for the Trapper's Alliance in order to order materials from them.

How to get it?Edit

This quest will only be available if you choose to join the Trapper's Alliance as one of your gathering guild.


Talk to NPC Trapper's Alliance Apprentice HantoEdit

Speak with the NPC to start the quest. He's standing outside the restaurant in Jadestone Village. He'll explain that player will need to obtain a sample of the material in order to start ordering from them.

Hanto: "Welcome to the Trappers Alliance. I'm here to teach you how to place an order with us. First, we need to see a sample of the meat you want us to gather. That means you need to find a piece and bring it to us. We'll do all the hunting and trapping once we've seen the type of meat you're looking for. For now, try finding a Whole Chicken. Not part of a chicken, I'm talking about the whole thing! I saw some chickens lounging under the big tree northeast of the village. They should be easy to catch."

Get whole chicken sample under the large tree at the Gloomdross Incursion area.Edit

There's a large tree northeast of Jadestone Village called Gloomdross Incursion area and behind the tree there's an animal skeleton. Obtain the item "Whole Chicken" there.
Sidequest jadestone finding meat samples pic001

Talk to HantoEdit

After gathering material, speak with the NPC again to end the quest.

Hanto: "Why is this chicken covered in... slime? Gross! What is wrong with you?"

(I found it in an odd animal carcass.)

Hanto: "Ew, the chicken must have been swallowed whole by... whatever that beast was. Well, it's still intact, so good job. You can now place an order for Whole Chicken and we'll hunt them for you. Bring us a sample of any other meat and we can hunt that for you too. Preferably undigested next time."

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