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  Located northeast of Bamboo Village. An open area with monster and enemies. This zone is the second place that player will need to go while proceeding the story quest. It includes a few places such as Bamboo Lookout, Foshi Pyres, Moonshade Cemetary, Scouting Party and Blackram South Anchor. There is also a few instances available in this area where player can farm soul shields such as Abandoned Well, Bandit Hideout, Black Adder Stronghold and Defiled Tomb. Besides, there is also an area boss, Stalker Jiangshi that wandering around the Moonshade Cemetary who will drop essence for the Stalker Jiangshi Wheel of Fate.

Camps Edit

  • Bamboo Lookout
  • Foshi Pyres
  • Scouting Party

Instances Edit

  • Abandoned Well
  • Bandit Hideout
  • Black Adder Stronghold
  • Defiled Tomb

Other area Edit

  • Moonshade Cemetary

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Quests Edit

Story Quest Edit

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Map Edit

Everdusk map

Everdusk map