Editing a wiki is a fun thing for everyone. This guide is meant mostly for people who have never edited a wiki before. Before editing anything I recommend creating an account. Creating an account makes it easy to keep track of pages you are working on, as well as easily chat with other users. It also helps everyone else see all your contributions!

Editing a page Edit

Users can edit almost every page. You can contribute to any page you come across that has missing or incorrect information. Simply click edit at the top of the page, or in the drop down choose classic edit. Classic edit is more text based, while plain edit is more visual. For this guide, instructions are assuming you are using the visual editor.

Add any information you can. Try and keep it organized and coherent. If the page needs a category, you can add one with the drop down by the cancel button. Categories help organize the pages so people can find them and navigate between them. Generally, you shouldn't need to create a new category, but it is OK if you do.

After you are finished with your edits, click save the page. Add a description for what you changed, even it is minor. This helps everyone else know what is going on with the page. If you check the follow page box you will be notified every time someone edits the page. It also allows you to find the page from your user page.

Media Edit

Images are usually very helpful on pages. Anyone can upload images to the wiki. When you upload an image it is helpful to add a description and copyright information. Also, make sure to go to the image and add the Image category.

When adding an image to a page, try and always add a caption with it. That way everyone can see what the image is meant for.

Templates Edit

Templates are reusable pieces of information, navigation, or style. You can add a template under the insert menu. Infoboxes are typically for general information and located in the top right of a page. Navboxes are used for navigation. They have links to related pages. As you gain experience editing you can even create your own templates!

See Also Edit

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