The Vice

The Vice Admiral

The Eastern Fleet Supply chain is an Epic 6 or 4-man Dungeon in the Moonwater Plains region

Dungeon RundownEdit


Gatekeeper SlashimiEdit


Gatekeeper Slashimi

The First boss fight of the dungeon is Gatekeeper Slashimi.

The ForemenEdit

After beating Salashami, you will be in a small area with some Grimhorn workers, run past them and Windwalk to the large ship dock. After that you will need to walk through a rifling past some more Grimhorn and you will fall into a small metal area with more Grimhorn

Chef Tae JungamEdit

Blame the chef

Chef Tae Jungam


Barracks Officer Mak SoboEdit


Barracks Officer Mak Sobo

Filler text

Vice Admiral PoharanEdit


Vice Admiral Poharan



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