Where to get? Edit


Dusk Adder Block Soul Shield
SoulShield DuskAdderBlock
Oath of the Dusk Adders
Vital statistics
Type {{{type}}}
Effects 3 = Increases Block by 1
5 = Increases Accuracy by 3
8 = Increases Block by 5 and Evasion by 2
Source {{{source}}}
Cost to buy {{{buy}}}
Cost to sell 1Copper
1: n/a

2: Drop from Dusk Adder Overseer Gu Du and Dusk Adder Overseer Ba Dun in the Depleted Goldmine

3-7: n/a

8: Drop from Dusk Adder Overseer Ug Li in the Depleted Goldmine

Slot Stats
1st HP 10

Block 4

2nd HP 10

Block 5

3rd n/a
4th HP 10

Block 5

5th HP 10

Block 6

6th HP 10

Block 6

7th HP 10

Block 6

8th HP 10

Block 6

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