Dura The Undefeatable is a dynamic quest in the instance Adders Nest that located at Songshu Isle.


Defeat DuraEdit

Dura is the final boss in the instance Adders Nest.


Usually Dura drops Healing Tonics or Dumplings


  • Dura's Treasure

Dura's Treasure will always gives you Sealed Sealed Dura Critical Soul Shield and others such as Locked Viridian Weapon Chest, Sealed Dura Ring, Sealed Viridian Earring, Sealed Viridian Necklace, Sealed Viridian Ring, and Viridian Valor Stone.

End QuestEdit

All dynamic quest will be automatically canceled if player leaves the instance even before claiming the quest reward.
End Quest:

Letter from Kang Chungchun:
"Your skills are truly amazing, warrior! You've done us all a great service."

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