Right, who's this? Aha! My father saved you, right? Nice!


Dodan is the reckless son of Dochun and brother of Namsoyoo. He always disappears every time the Blackram Marauders invade Bamboo Village in order to perform some sort of heroic antics to live up to his father's reputation.

Dodan is apparently superstitious and has a fear of the paranormal.[1]


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Dodan was captured by Blackram Marauders in a recent raid against the Bamboo Village. His partner Chengun ran off in fear so he was left with no choice but to wait for someone to rescue him. His savior came in the form of the Hongmoon School student that his father rescued some time ago. The student releases him from his Blackram prison and Dodan proceeds to tell the student to fire a cannon at the Blackram ships moored nearby. The student does so and in the process angers Captain Gwon, leader of the Blackrams. Dodan, Chengun and the student band together to fight the notorious captain, who was fortunately weakened by the cannon strike that sank his ships. The captain windstrides away, leaving Dodan to cheer for their supposed victory.

Dodan suggests that the three of them windstride back to Bamboo Village, to which the Hongmoon student asks what that is. Arrogantly, Dodan teaches the student the basics of windstriding and then windstrides himself back to the village.

Upon returning, Dodan discovers that Dochun has summoned him home and proceeds to head to his house near the mayor. There he meets up with the Hongmoon student again who is sent to the mayor to meet him. Dodan disappears some time after the Hongmoon student left.

Eventually, Dodan pleads his father to give him more meaningful tasks as a member of the Bamboo Guard. In response, Dochun sends Dodan to assist the Bamboo Guards at the Foshi Pyres and report back to him. Dodan reluctantly agrees and heads over to the Bamboo Guard post in Everdusk. There, he is confronted by Namsoyoo, who asks him why he has yet to go to Foshi Pyres like his father ordered him to. Just then, the Hongmoon student enters the post house and Dodan decides to give the student the task of going to Foshi Pyres in his place. Dodan becomes frustrated and runs out of the post to avoid answering her. Namsoyoo is surprised and can't seem to understand why he is skirting his duties.


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