Desperate Measures is one of the side quest found in Jadestone Village.


Talk to NPC Merry Potters Ha Jinwa to start the quest.Edit

Ha Jinwa: "All these thick-headed martial artist come here to study under Old Man Cho. Now Jadestone is infested with dozens of idiots trying to impress that old creep. It was fine when they punched the Tree Fellers' logs into splinters. And I didn't mind when they tried to headbutt the mayor's desk in half. (Those Tree Fellers don't appreciate pots anyway.) I didnt even complain when Jadestone almost ran out of fish during their martial arts eating competition. (Martial Arts Dining... who would even have thought?) But this, this is unacceptable. Pots, especially my pots, are not meants for kicking practice. Sitting in the shattered fragments of my baked clay, I swore revenge. And you will help me take it. I made more pots and when those fools come to break them again, I will ready. All my master plan needs is some casks of that potent liquor the Croakers love so much and a few of the flaming staffs their shamans carry. (And these shall be the instruments of my revenge.) Get those for me and I'll reward you, though your true reward will be the knowledge that you thought peace to a wronged potter. (Fiery, fiery peace.) And this time, when those fools smash my pots, they will know my wrath."

Defeat Inferno Frogs at the Lakeside Cache to obtain liquor kegsEdit

Kill those Inferno Frogs in the Lakeside Cache and it'll drop Wartenbrau Keg. Collect 8 of them.

Defeat Croaker Shamans to obtain their staffsEdit

Kill those Koki Shamans in the Lakeside Cache and it'll drop Ploggle Mystic's Staff. Collect 8 of them.

Talk to Ha Jinwa.Edit

After collecting all item, return to Jadestone Village and talk to NPC Ha Jinwa to end the quest.

Ha Jinwa: "Once I fill my pots with this liquor and tie the staffs around them, only the pot itself will separate the fuel from the fire. And when the pots are broken, a blazing inferno will announce that revenge is mine. Revenge is mine!"