Who do you think you are, walking into my house like this?


Daygu is the major of Bamboo Village with a quick-temper. He is dedicated to protecting the village and making sure everyone is safe.


After the Blackram Marauders' raid on the village, Daygu gets to work figuring out how to rebuild and recover from this recent attack. He hears word about the Hongmoon student that Captain Dochun rescued and requests to meet with the student in order to give thanks for contributing to the defense of the village. Unfortunately his mistakes the Hongmoon student he encountered in his home as an invader and exclaims his displeasure at the unexpected visit. The Hongmoon student introduces him/herself, which causes Daygu to apologize for his behavior. He personally thanks the student for the help and offers to return the favor in any way.

Some time later, Daygu leaves the village to investigate an abandoned well along with Bamboo Guard Bumbak in Everdusk to seek water. He encounters the Hongmoon student there, who tells him that the well he is investigating does not have any water and instead is filled with Blackram Marauders. Daygu is shocked at the revelation and thanks the Hongmoon student before windstriding his way back to the village in safety.

According to Bamboo Guard Pango, Daygu is considered a greedy jerk due to a rumor saying that Daygu hoards and skims supplies meant for the village.


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