Dawn of Khanda Vihar Edit

The Dawn of Khanda Vihar is a weekly 24 man raid located in the Khanda Vihar.

After entering the raid, Players will need to kill the large mob located at the front of the map. After this mob has died 1 mob will spawn at each of the 4 circles North East, North West, South East, and South West of the Larger circle in the middle of the map. Once all of these mobs have their HP depleted they will disappear and the boss Meganura will spawn in in the larger circle.

Meganura Edit

Meganura is the sole boss of The Dawn of Khanda Vihar. Once he is aggroed everyone in the area will begin to gain stacks of poison which deal large amounts of DoT. In order to clear these poison stacks, Players will need to hit one of the mites that will begin to spawn around the edge of the circle. The mites will give anyone who hits them a buff that doubles their AP and makes them immune to poison for 30 seconds. If a character is not poisoned and hits one of these mites, that character will die instantly. Once Meganura hits one of his HP thresholds at 90%, 60%, and 30% he will let out a roar and jump to the center of the circle. He will begin to float in he air and become invulnerable. At this point 3 adds will spawn at the 2 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 10 o'clock positions. These adds have a 4 bar joint stun required to kill them. If all of the adds are failed to be killed within a small window of time, Meganura will enrage and the run will wipe and have to start over.

Rewards Edit

The Dawn of Khanda Vihar is fast and relatively easy, so it's highly suggested to run this dungeon once a week on any character that a Player has unlocked.

Guaranteed Rewards Include:

Lunar Twilight Flower x4

Raven Feathers x2

XXX Gold

Additional Rewards:

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