Viridian Coast Edit

Everdusk Edit

Gloomdross Forest Edit

Jadestone Village Edit

  • The Infestation
  • Lost Pet

Pondskip Vale Edit

  • Knowledge is Power
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Lair of the Bear

Dragonscale Edit

  • Changing Of The Lost Guards
  • This Mite Hurt

Songshu Isle Edit

  • Adder Subtraction
  • The Yutay

Stillbrook Monastery Edit

  • Not What It Used to Be
  • Dishing It Out

Sentinel Coast Edit

Blackram Narrows Edit

  • Getting the Axe

The Cinderlands Edit

South Tomun RangeEdit

The Scorching SandsEdit

Spirestone CanyonsEdit

Razorwing RavineEdit

Moonwater Plains Edit

Greenhollow Edit

Lycandi Foothills Edit

Hogshead Pasture Edit

Hogshead Hamlet Edit

Blackram Shipyard Edit

Mushin's Hall - 1st Floor Edit

Sapphire Basin Edit

Fishbelly Pub Edit

The Highland Necropolis Edit

Orchard of Souls Edit

Misty Woods Edit

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