Blade and Soul will enter closed beta testing beginning on October 30, 2015 for a total of 5 weekends. Founder's Pack purchasers are automatically eligible for closed beta, however there will be also limited keys available from the NCSoft website, Blade and Soul newsletter, fan site giveaways, and other social channels. 

Closed beta weekends will start 10 am (PDT)  on Fridays and last until 10 pm (PDT) on Mondays, with the exception for weekend 3, which will begin 10 am on Tuesday and end on 10 pm Monday. 

There will be no character wipe between closed beta weekends, but there will be a wipe before the full launch of the game.

There will be no nondisclosure agreement and live streaming will be allowed. 


  1. October 30 - November 2 (English only)
  2. November 13 - November 16 (English only)
  3. November 24 - November 30 (English, French, German)
  4. December 11 - December 14 (English, French, German)
  5. December 18 - December 21 (English, French, German)

Available FeaturesEdit

  • Full game will be open for access (up to Moonwater Plains )
  • Level 45 cap (same as launch)
  • All 7 character slots will be open
  • New race/class combinations: GonForce Master
  • Most updated skill patch
  • Cash shop / NCoin
    • Prices in cash shop are not final
    • Will contain cosmetic items
    • Purchasers of the Disciple and Master founder's packs will recieve 2400 and 7200 test NCoin, respectively
    • Users can purchase NCoin and will receive test NCoin for use during closed beta testing
      • ​Actual NCoin balance will be untouched during closed beta period
  • Premium membership
    • Membership tier benefits will be undergoing testing
  • Survey system to obtain feedback
  • Gamepad support
  • Windows 10 support

Unavailable FeaturesEdit

  • Warlock class
  • Name reservation (will be available prior to head start)
  • Founder's pack benefits (except NCoin and premium membership)
  • Costume from costume contest

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