• BladeMaster - Capable of powerful and agile sword maneuvers.
  • Kung Fu Master - Uses their fists and feet to powerfully beat down foes.
  • Force Master - Uses Magic and Aura to destroy enemies with the power of nature.
  • Destroyer - Pure powerful machines capable of smashing through foes with a massive weapon and power.
  • Assassin - Capable of invisibility and sneaking up on foes with quick and lethal force.
  • Summoner - Has a pet that aids in combat.
  • Blade Dancer Highly mobile blade assailant with crowd control abilities.
  • Warlock - Able to summon a demon and buff everyone.
  • Soul Fighter - Party healer and tank. Mixes Kung Fu and Magic.


Assassin Blade MasterKung Fu MasterDestroyerSummonerBlade DancerForce Master


Blade and Soul - Class and Combat Details07:58

Blade and Soul - Class and Combat Details

Class and Combat Details

Blade & Soul (Classes Gameplay)03:43

Blade & Soul (Classes Gameplay)

Classes + Gameplay

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