You're with the Guard? Thank goodness!


Chengun is a cowardly member of the Bamboo Guard who is known for admiring Dodan and going along with whatever lamebrain scheme that the young man comes up with. He has a weak stomach and can't stand windstriding for long distances at a time.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Chengun was found hiding in the Blackram Marauders' encampment on the coast near Bamboo Village. He fled after the Blackrams captured Dodan and hid within a supply tent. He was eventually found by the Hongmoon student that Dochun saved some time ago and pleads with the student to help him free Dodan.

After freeing Dodan, the reckless guard convinces the student to unleash cannon fire upon the Blackram ships moored nearby and incites a battle with the Blackram leader Captain Gwon. Chengun manages to hold his own against the Blackram captain until the man windstrides away cackling as he went. Dodan then proceeds to teach the Hongmoon student how to windstride and the three of them windstride their way back to Bamboo Village.

Once there, Chengun laments how windstriding makes him sick, to which the Hongmoon student declares feeling nothing. Chengun then goes on to say that was because the distance he/she traveled was much shorter than his first time. After relaying his story, Chengun tells the student that Dochun has summoned him/her to his house and directs the student on how to get there.

Chengun was later ambushed along with other Bamboo Guards by Blackrams near the South Anchor. They were no match for Wungsam, but Chengun managed to escape.

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