Race Edit

Select one of the available races: Jin, Gon, Lyn, or Yun. Keep in mind some of the classes are race locked.

Class Edit

Select a class that is available to your race:

Gender Edit

All the races have male and female counterparts, except for the Yun race, which is all female. 

Basic Edit

Choose one of the available presets, or select the desired features. This tab contains face presets, hair, skin color, and body presets. Also contains ear and tail selection for the Lyn race. 

Face Decoration Edit

Contains selections for eyes, eyebrows, beard (if male), eyelashes, makeup, lips, and face decoration.

Face Details Edit

Contains sliding dials for more detailed face creation, including contour, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, face, and age.

Body Details Edit

Contains sliding dials for more detailed body creation, including upper body, lower body, and general height and weight.

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