Twilight's Edge is the final chapter of the Paradise Lost quest line.


Exit the cavernEdit

You have completed your trial. It is time to return to the school.

Return to the school.Edit

Something is wrong. Return to the school at once. Then a cutscene will play.

0/4 Defeat the FiendsEdit

Defeat the Fiends attacking the school. Then another cutscene will play


Brother Lusung:
From now on, everything is going to be different.

Journal SummaryEdit

Jinsoyun. Master Hong couldn't move. In fact, he could barely breathe. She was a ghost from his past. She was a nightmare.

Jinsoyun had grown considerably since he last saw her. Not in height, but in stature. Her eyes burn with pain and with decades of hate and resentment. But is was her aura of Dark Chi which truly broke Hong's heart. She was now an agent of the Dark Lord, along with her two assassin. Only through the power of the Dark Arts had she survived to stand before him. Master Hong clenched his staff tightly. This would be a battle to the death.

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