Disciple of the Hongmoon School is the fifth chapter of the Paradise Lost quest line.

Journal SummaryEdit

Yungmuk was surprised when Cricket revealed the Martial Tome which Master Hong had bestowed. Many students were never given the book; for others, it took five years or more. For Cricket to receive it so soon... it may have been a sign. Yungmuk had worked eight years to become a formal disciple; Lusung had worked six. What was so special about the Hongmoon School's newest student? It bothered Yungmuk that he couldn't pin it down.

But beyond Cricket's rapid ascension, and even beyond Master's illness, Yungmuk was concerned about the school. There were so few students left, and no new students since Cricket. Was Master Hong losing his passion for teaching? Were the days of Hongmoon School numbered?


After showing the Martial Tome to Yungmuk, this quest rewards the player with a weapon suitable for their class, as well as a few of each class's basic skills, and enough EXP to advance to Level 2.

Weapon Training Dagger
Skills Mist Slash Dew Slash Moon Slash

Weapon Training Lynblade

Weapon Training Sword

Weapon Training Axe

Weapon Training Bangle

Weapon Training Gauntlets

Weapon Training Bracers

Weapon Training Staff

Weapon Training Razor


Show the Matrial Time to Yungmuk at the Duel HallEdit

Approach the Duel Hall and speak to Yungmuk.

Yungmuk: "Well? Why did Master want to see you?"

(He gave me this book.)

Yungmuk: "Did he really? The Martial Time is granted to students when they're ready for more training.

The book Master gave you contains all the basic skills you must learn to become a member of the Hongmoon School. Which means that from this moment forth, you are a formal disciple of our clan.

Congratulations, Cricket! I will personally oversee your training in the martial arts. Here, you'll need your weapon. Go ahead and equip it."

Open your Inventory with the I key and right-click on your weapon to equip itEdit

Equip your class specific weapon by right clicking the weapon or by dragging it into the weapon slot in Inventory window.

Follow YungmukEdit

Follow Yungmuk further into the Duel Hall.