Looking for Lusung is the third chapter in the Paradise Lost quest line.


By speaking with Yungmuk, the player is awarded two skills; they are Windwalk - Stage 1 and Sprint. Quest completion awards the player with Glide skill.

Journal SummaryEdit

Ahead of the announced meeting, Yunmuk's usually stoic expression hardened into something resembling concern. What worried him more than his listless brothers and sisters was the prolonged illness of his master. He was Master Hong's right hand, and he was responsible for the safety of those underneath him. But what if something happened to Master Hong? Yungmuk wasn't ready for that king of leadership.

Yungmuk reflected on the other students, letting his mind wander. Jinyung shared his anguish when others slacked off or shirked their training, but she didn't have the same conviction, the same passion, that he did. Lusung certainly had that passion, perhaps even more so. He trained the hardest and the longest. But he was aloof, and Yungmuk wasn't sure Lusung would prove much of a leader. Perhaps it would take all three of them to keep the Hongmoon School together should the unthinkable happen and Master Hong pass away. Yungmuk quickly drove the dark though from his mind.


Find Yungmuk in the courtyardEdit

Approaching Yungmuk will progress the quest line.

Speak with YungmukEdit

Yungmuk: "You overslept, Cricket. I won't have any students slacking on my watch. Master has called a meeting outside his quarters. Lusung's off somewhere and I want you and Jinyung to find him. The meeting starts in a few minutes, so hurry."

Find Brother LusungEdit

Move towards to location of the Overlook; Jinyung will be nearby in that direction and will begin sprinting towards the direction of Lusung once the player is near her. Approaching Lusung triggers a cutscene and progresses the quest.

Speak with LusungEdit

Lusung: "The bird that greets the rising sun is the first to eat its fill."

(Uh... What does that mean?)

Lusung: "It means those that train hard will be rewarded. Your day will come, Cricket. I'm hopeful that mine will come soon. Should we go to the Duel Hall?"

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