Morning Time at Heaven's Reach is the second chapter of the Paradise Lost quest line.  It serves to teach the player about the game's control scheme.

Journal SummaryEdit

Jinyung couldn't believe it. Gilhong and Hajoon were late to rise as usual, but now even the newest student was proving to be just a slazy! Master Hong would never take her seriously if she couldn't control the students she was responsible for. Scolding, negotiating, bribing-- nothing seemed to work. How could they be so irresponsible as to shrug off morning meditations and exercises? Didn't they know how lucky they were to be taught by Master Hong Sokyun himself, one of the legendary Four Guardians?


Go to where Jinyung is standingEdit

Enter the radial shaded area to progress the quest.

Speak with JinyungEdit

Jinyung: "Great, we'll all be ready to meet Master Hong on time... mostly, anyway. Oh, and Yungmuk's looking for you."

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