The following is the Script used in Chapter 1: Awakenings, listed under the Quests's steps.



Speak with JinyungEdit

Jinyung: "Cricket? You're still in bed? That's not like you. Hurry and get dressed! Master Hong has called a meeting!"

Player: Where is my uniform?

Jinyung: "Why are you asking me? You need to get moving! User the W A S D keys to get your uniform.

You can look around for it by using the mouse. Pressing the ESC key or holding down the Alt key makes the cursor appear.

You should be ready for morning training, Cricket. Are you still asleep? Come on, rise and shine!

I think your uniform is the one on the dresser. Use the W A S D keys to go get it. Remember, you can hold the Alt key to use the cursor."

Pick up your uniform with the F keyEdit

No dialogue

Open the Inventory using the I key and put on your uniformEdit

No dialogue

Speak to JinyungEdit

Jinyung: "Let's go make sure Gilhong is up. He's always the last out of bed! Cricket? Hello? You're still not awake? Well, if you missed some of what I said, click J to open your Quests Journal."

Follow JinyungEdit

No dialogue

Wake up GilhongEdit

No dialogue

Speak with GilhongEdit

Gilhong: "The sun's up and so am I! We should spar again today, Cricket. I almost had you yesterday."

Player:You really did well.

Gilhong: "Well, one of these days I'm gonna win. No one can stop Gilhong!"

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