Awakenings is the first chapter of the Paradise Lost quest line.  It is acquired automatically upon starting a new character, serving to teach the player about the game's control scheme. The quest begins with the player in a conversation with Jinyung.

Journal SummaryEdit

The Bamboo Guardsman arrived in the dead of night, rousing Captain Dochun from his slumber. There was a report of a rising column of flame spotted in the south sea, perhaps an hour or two out from shore. Judging from the panic on the young guard's face, Dochun expected news of a Blackram Marauder attack. Were the Blackram up to their old tricks? Or was some entirely new crisis erupting in the south sea? The guard described the area quite specifically. It was near Heaven's Reach, the home of Dochun's old master. That is why Dochun insisted on investigating the area himself, and on going alone.

Twenty-five long years ago, Dochun had left Heaven's Reach. Despite Master Hong's pleadings, he left to become a soldier. He could not sit idly by as the world burned.

Dochun arrived at the water below Heaven's Reach, and he could scarcely believe his eyes. His master's home was engulfed in flames, with fiery debris falling like rain. What had happened?


  • Speak with Jinyung
This action is automatically done for you as you exit the cinematic.
  • Pick up your uniform with the F key
Interact with Hongmoon Uniform, located on the dresser in the starting room, left of the door.
  • Open the Inventory using the I key and put on your uniform
Open the Inventory window and equip the Hongmoon Uniform. The Uniform can be equipped by either dragging it onto the Outfit slot in the Inventory window, or by right-clicking the Uniform.
  • Speak to Jinyung
  • Follow Jinyung
Follow Jinyung to the nearby dormitory. A wispy line will also trail out the door and toward your destination.
  • Wake up Gilhong
Interact with Gilhong, sleeping on the bed on the far side of the dormitory, towards the left.
  • Speak with Gilhong


See the Script here

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