The Baleful Weapon line was one of the two original Legendary Weapon lines. The weapon is obtained by upgrading a True Ivorymoon Weapon with a Dark Stone. The Baleful Weapon is considered to be the offensive version of the Seraph Weapon line which runs parallel in the Upgrade Path chart. Almost every class except Warlock will prefer this line to the seraph due to either the skill it enhances or the manner in which the Baleful Effect is procced.

Upgrade Materials Edit

The Baleful Weapon path consists of 12 stages. Unlike previous weapon paths, the Player is not required to to use elements between breakthroughs in order to level up the equipment. Instead each Stage is considered to be its own breakthrough. This pattern will remain for all weapons from this point on.

To upgrade from True Ivorymoon 10 Flowers of Lament are needed. Starting at Stage 4 to Stage 6 Taikhan's Skins are required for upgrading. Between Stage 7 to 10 Forging Orbs are used, and finally Xanos Discs are used for Stages 11 and 12. See the upgrade chart below for exact numbers and stats.

Starting at Stage 10, the Baleful weapon line can either be upgraded into the Raven Weapon Line, or the Dawnforged Weapon Line. It is normally suggested that a player should upgrade their Baleful Weapon to Stage 12 prior to switching Weapon Lines as it is cheaper in the long run.

If the player wishes top pursue the Riftwalker Weapon Line, the player will need to switch to the Seraph Line before they can upgrade to Riftwalker. It is suggested to do this as early as possible as the cost for switching weapon path between Seraph and Baleful increases the higher the Stage is.

Stats Edit

The Baleful Weapon and Seraph Weapon Line share the same Base Stats. The difference between the two weapon lines is the skill the weapon boosts and the way that the weapon effect is procced. The Baleful Weapon will occasionally trigger stacks that do a %AP damage boost based on the Stage when attacking an enemy. Once these stacks hit 10 the player will trigger the Baleful Effect for 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds has passed the stacks will reset to 0 and the Player's skill CDs will reset.

AP Crit Pierce
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 9
Stage 10
Stage 11
Stage 12

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